Pyxis HP

The Pyxis HP series is RC Groups latest range of Air-cooled liquid chillers witrh heat pump. Ideal for environments requiring effective and efficient cooling in summer and heating in winter, but wanting the simplicity of a single unit solution.


• Reversible heat pump.
• 24 size available, for a wide selection opportunity.
• Average step of 25kW.
• EER up to 2,95.
• COP up to 3,20.
• ESEER up to 4,22.
• Scroll compressors.
• R410A Refrigerant charge.
• Double, triple, quadruple refrigerant circuit.
• Plate type or shell and tube heat exchangers.
• AC Axial fans.
• Double, triple, quadruple air circuit.
• Suitable for outdoor installation.

• Base, self supporting frame and panelling in steel plate with protective
surfaces treatment in compliance with UNI ISO 9227/ASTMB117 and ISO
7253, and painted with epoxy powders.
• Orbiting spiral (SCROLL) hermetic compressors with spiral profile optimized
for R410A refrigerant.
• ON / OFF capacity control (0 / 100% each compressor).
• 2-pole 3-phase electric motor with direct on line starting.
• Phase sequence electronic relay.
• Crankcase heater.
• Electric motor thermal protection via internal winding temperature sensors.
• Rubber supports.
From model 120 P4 D VT2 up to model 410 P4 D VT5 included:
• Copper brazed plate type with cover plates, plates and connections in AISI
316 stainless steel:
- Single circuit on water side .
- Double refrigerant circuit for D version machines.
• Anticondensate insulation made of polyurethane.
• Temperature sensors on water inlet and outlet.
• Water flow switch for water flow control, not installed but supplied in kit.
• Hydraulic connections with grooved end. Flexible joint not supplied (optional
• Antifreeze heater.
From model 430 P6 T VT5 up to model 830 P8 Q VT8 included:
• Single pass type shell and tube evaporator, optimized for R410A refrigerant:
• Heat exchanger coil with internally corrugated copper tubes and high
efficiency aluminium fins, specifically developed to provide high heat
transfer and lower pressure drops. The combination of two factors, special
tubes and fins, allow to optimally combine the following aspects:
- Maximum capacity relative to the size of the exchanger.
- Minimum charge of refrigerant.
- Reduction of the air flow required for the heat exchange.
• Particular circulation on refrigerant side, in order to optimize performance in
heat pump mode.
• Frame in galvanized steel.
• Temperature sensor on ambient air.
• Axial fans with sickle-shaped blades, fan guard and optimized for low noise
• AC type electric motor for condensing pressure control (in summer working
mode) or evaporating pressure control (in winter working mode) with
stepless variable speed of the axial fans.
• IP54 enclosure class.
Components for each refrigerant circuit:
• Reversing valve for refrigeration cycle inversion.
• Sight glass.
• Filter dryer on liquid line.
• Plastic capillary hoses for pressure sensors connection.
• R410A refrigerant charge.
From model 120 P4 D VT2 up to model 180 P4 D VT2 included:
• Thermostatic expansion valve.
• Electromagnetic valve on liquid line.
From model 215 P4 D VT2 up to model 830 P8 Q VT8 included:
• Electronic expansion valve. 
In accordance with EN60204-1 norms, suitable for outdoor installation,
complete with:
• Main switch with door lock safety.
• MP.COM microprocessor system with graphic symbol for control and
monitor of operating and alarms status. The system includes:
- Main components hour-meter.
- Nonvolatile “Flash” memory for data storage.
- Menu with protection password.
- LAN connection.