The wide range of cooling capacity and the available versions, make possible the use and the combination of different components on the refrigeration and hydraulic circuits in the UNICO chillers range from RC Group. Indeed, they can be equipped with scroll type compressors; plate type evaporators; axial and Plug-fan type fan.

The components completeness together with the wide range of available optional accessories allow very quick and easy installation operations; the units simply need electrical and hydraulic connections.


Cooling Capacity 19.0 - 249.4 kW

Liquid chiller equipped with scroll compressors and axial condenser fans.


Cooling Capacity 18.7 - 251.0 kW

Liquid chiller equipped with scroll compressors and plug fans.


Main Components

  • Housing in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet
  • Plug type condenser fans (UNICO PF)
  • Welded plate heat exchangers
  • Scroll compressors
  • MP.COM microprocessor control
  • Electrical box in separate compartment
  • Main switch with door lock safety

Optional Accessories

  • Hydronic group
  • Integrated water storage tank
  • LNO kit for noise reduction
  • ELN kit for extreme noise reduction
  • Water flow safety switch
  • Brine kit for glycol solution for water temperatures down to -12 deg C
  • Serial port