TRILOGY, multifunction liquid chillers range produced with R410A refrigerant, represents the best solution, in a single package, for all those air conditioning applications requiring simultaneous production of chilled water, hot water for heating and sanitary water all year long.

Some of possible end-users are hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping centres.

First in its kind on the market, the TRILOGY multifunction chillers range features compact dimensions, low noise level, high energy saving, and a wide range of optional accessories.


Cooling capacity 44.5 - 206.0 kW

Heating capacity 57.1 - 247.0 kW

Reversible heat pump liquid chillers for 2 pipes plant.

Partial or total heat reclaim system for domestic hot water production. Heating capacity 16.3 - 264.0 kW


Cooling capacity 45.0 - 207.0 kW

Heating capacity 57.1 - 249.0 kW

Multifunction liquid chiller for simultaneous production of chilled and hot water for 4 pipes plant.

Partial heat reclaim system for domestic hot water production. Heating capacity 16.5 - 76.0 kW


Cooling capacity 45.0 - 207.0 kW

Heating capacity (heating) 57.1 - 248.0 kW

Heating capacity (sanitary) 57.1 - 248.3 kW

Multifunction liquid chiller for simultaneous production of chilled, hot and domestic hot water, for 6 pipes plant.


  • Housing in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet
  • Scroll compressors
  • Axial fans with EC motor
  • Welded plate gas/water heat exchangers in AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Water flow control through differential pressure switch
  • Pump-Down stop system
  • IDEA defrosting system
  • MP.COM microprocessor control system
  • Electrical box in separate compartment
  • Main switch with door lock safety


  • LNO kit for noise reduction
  • Centrifugal pump in stainless steel for chilled, hot and sanitary water
  • Antifreeze electric heater for each gas/water heat exchangers
  • Serial port