Frigo Turbo Fl machines, with their low environmental impact, can contribute to the savings needed to meet the requirements of Kyoto Protocol and limit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Their typical TEWI (Total Environment Warming Impact) is one of the lowest in the industry and indeed, CO2 emissions for Frigo Turbo Fl machines are up to 30% lower than the emissions of standard units.

With their reliable operation, these machines are well suited for every application from comfort cooling, through the high-tech industrial sector and especially mission critical strategic applications (like hospitals, clean rooms, web farms, data centres, telecommunication exchanges, air-traffic control centres). Their operating reliability is guaranteed 24 hours/day for 365 days/year.

One of the most important characteristics of Frigo Turbo Fl machines is their high energy efficiency and consequently high
ESEER values, both at design and at the various operating conditions experienced during the year. The considerable improvement of the centrifugal unit under all load conditions is well illustrated.

The compressor driven by an inverter varies the load continuously and the regulation of the refrigerant circuit can be easily adapted, without oscillations and transients, the operating conditions required. The system is highly efficient since it is supplying the energy necessary to satisfy the required thermal load only; furthermore it is possible to supply thermal or cooling energy even in case of overload conditions of the system. The working range of FRIGO Turbo FL, in comparison to the nominal values of cooling and thermal capacity output, varies on average from 20% to 110%.


Cooling Capacity 280.0 - 1840.0 kW

Liquid chiller equipped with TurboCor 2 stage magnetic levitaion centrifugal compressors and shell & tube heat exchangers.

Main Components

  • Housing & base in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet RAL 9002.
  • Two stage oil free centrifugal compressors witrh magnetic levitation bearings.
  • Flooded shell & tube evaporator.
  • Shell & tube water cooled condensers.
  • Microprocessor control with touch screen display
  • Electrical box main switch door lock safety

Optional Accessories

  • Compressor noise reduction kit