NEMO liquid chillers from RC Group offer a simple and cheap solution for domestic and small offices application.

The criticality of these smaller systems is the same as the larger installations, differing only in size Comfort requirements for a small 40 m2 2/4 persons advertising office are just the same but smaller, than for an equivalent 1000 m2 / 100 persons location.

These liquid chillers grant the same reliability of the other RC Group products, being designed and manufactured with same philosophy as all RC Group products during more than 40 years activity.

Thanks to this long experience, the main repetitive fault rates and relative causes have been eliminated through the use of well tested and top quality components. Furthermore, all maintenance operations have been reduced at the minimum, since this type of chillers is now to be considered as a common home appliance, that does not require any frequent and complicated operations.

NEMO (R410A)

Cooling capacity 5.9 - 29.4 kW

Liquid chiller with scroll compressor and built-in water cooled condenser


Cooling capacity 6.3 - 31.4 kW

Heating capacity 7.3 - 35.2 kW

Heat pump liquid chiller with scroll compressor and built-in water cooled condenser (Water/water heat pump)

NEMO A (R410A)

Cooling capacity 5.3 - 25.7 kW

Liquid chiller with scroll compressor for remote air cooled condenser matching


Cooling capacity 5.4 - 24.9 kW

Heating capacity 6.3 - 29.1 kW

Heat pump liquid chiller with scroll compressor for remote air cooled condenser matching

Main Components

  • Housing in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet
  • Thermo acoustic lining inside the unit
  • Scroll compressor
  • Welded plate evaporator
  • Welded plate condenser (NEMO & NEMO HP)
  • Defrosting system (NEMO A HP)
  • Cycle reversing valve (NEMO HP & NEMO A HP)
  • Microprocessor control
  • Water flow control by pressure switch
  • 3 speed water pump
  • Electrical box in separate compartment
  • Main switch

Optional Accessories

  • Condensing control valve (NEMO & NEMO HP)
  • Integrated water tank
  • Partial heat reclaim
  • Serial port
  • Remote air cooled condenser (NEMO A & NEMO A HP)