The NEXT MTR air conditioners form a range of machines featuring advanced Hi-Tech characteristics, designed for a variety of applications, subject to strict requirements in terms of control of internal environmental conditions, continuous operation, reliability and energy saving. The extreme precision of the MP.COM control system allows maintaining temperature and humidity conditions with a tolerance of ± 0.3°C and ± 3%rH. NEXT MTR is particularly suitable for installation in metrology labs, conservation labs and still in all those applications that require continuous and precise control of temperature and humidity.

NEXT MTR air conditioners are available in Over version for up-flow air delivery. The air distribution is from the top of the unit directly in to the room. The air flow in each area is predetermined during the design stage and it is not dependent on the actual state of the load to be dissipated.

DX (R407C)

Cooling Capacity 7.1 - 15.4 kW

Direct expansion air conditioner in over version for remote air cooled condenser.



Main Components

  • Base & housing in epoxy painted aluminium profile frame and panels in galvanized steel.
  • Plug fan with EC motor.
  • Scroll compressor.
  • Electric heating system.
  • Humidification & dehumidification system.
  • Compressor capacity control.
  • Hot gas re-heating system.
  • Electrical box in separate compartment.
  • Main swith with door lock safety.
  • MP>COM microprocessor control.

Optional Accessories

  • Serial HLI port.
  • Plenum on air delivery.
  • High efficiency F5 filters.
  • Compressor noise reduction.