The Next EVO Inv air conditioners form a range of machines featuring advanced hi-tech characteristics, designed for a variety of applications, subject to strict requirements in terms of control of internal environmental conditions, continuous operation, reliability and energy saving. The fields of application of the Next EVO Inv air conditioners are especially suited for the following applications:

  • EDP centres, telephone exchanges, UPS rooms, transformer rooms etc.
  • control towers, control rooms and switchrooms, meteorology labs, libraries, museums and museum archives where perishable media is stored or controlled contamination rooms in general
  • rooms characterized by high sensible thermal loads and negligible or absent latent loads (low occupancy computer rooms), TV and photographic studios, specialist therapeutic treatment or analysis centres in the healthcare sector (TAC, nuclear medicine, X-rays etc.)
  • particular buildings in the commercial sector, such as shopping centres, post offices, bank branches, show rooms etc.

 NEXT EVO INV air conditioners are available in the following versions

Up-flow air delivery (Over)
The air distribution is from the top of the unit directly in to the room.

Down-flow air delivery (Under)
The air distribution is from the bottom by means of the plenum between the building floor and the raised floor.

DX (R410A) - Plug Fan

Cooling Capacity 7.3 - 102 kW

Direct expansion air conditioner with inverter driven compressor for remote air cooled condenser.

Main Components

  • Base and housing in epoxy painted galvanized steel RAL 9005.
  • Panels in epoxy painted galvanized steel RAL 7016.
  • Hinged front panels with quick r elease removal system.
  • Plug fans with EC electric motor.
  • Inverter driven Scroll compressor combined to on/off type compressor in unit with multiple compressors.
  • Single refrigerant circuit.
  • Electrical box having main switch with door lock safety.
  • Microprocessor control.

Optional Accessories

  • Serial port.
  • Remote air cooled condenser.
  • Electric or hot water heating system.
  • Humidification and dehumidification system.
  • Extra-circuit system.
  • Plenum on air suction for dir ect free-cooling.
  • Plenum on air delivery.
  • High efficiency filters F5/F6/F7/F9.
  • Compressor cap for noise reduction.