Energy Split DX

Split-system air conditioning units, suitable for telecom exchanges and hi-tech. facilities, consisting of a condensing unit for outdoor installation and an evaporating unit, for indoor installation, with direct air distribution into the room.
Horizontal or vertical air flow.

Cooling capacity: 4.3 - 15.7 kW


Full compliance with CE Directives and Norms.
Design, manufacturing and testing according to ISO 9001.

• Housing in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet.
• Axial fan directly driven by a single phase electric motor and protected by special safety mesh.
• Condensing coil with copper tubes, continuous aluminium finning with aluminium or epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet frame
• Rotary or scroll compressor with built-in electric protection.
• Refrigerant charge R407C.
• Condensing control system with continuous variation of the condenser fans speed.

• Housing in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet.
• Double suction centrifugal fan directly coupled to brushless type electric motor.
• Refrigerant charge R407C.
• Plenum for direct air distribution into the room.
• Cooling coil with copper tubes, aluminium finning and galvanized steel frame.
• Free-cooling system made by deviating outdoor air damper with proportional servomotor.
• MP.COM.xs microprocessor control system.
• Magnetothermic automatic switches.
• Electric box in separate compartment.