Packaged air cooled air conditioning units, with air supply from the back for distribution through ductwork or grille, suitable for outdoor installation in hi-tech facilities and shelters.
The air distribution is from the top of the unit directly in to the room.
The air is injected into the room at a low temperature but at high speed in correspondence to the corridors between the different racks rows. The cold air moves from the top to the bottom with a turbulent flow, mixing with the hot air outgoing from the racks.

Cooling capacity: 4.3 - 19.5 kW


Full compliance with CE Directives and Norms.
Design, manufacturing and testing according to ISO 9001.

• Housing and panels in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet.
• Supply fan directly coupled to brushless type electric motor.
• Rotary or scroll compressor.
• Refrigerant charge R407C.
• Direct free-cooling system.
• Electrical box in separate compartment.
• Main switch with door lock safety.
• MP.COM xs microprocessor control.
• Double power supply (network + UPS).

Power supply: 
models 4.R1 - 5.R1 - 6.Z1 - 8.Z1 - 9.Z1: 230.1.50 + 48VDC
models 11.Z1 - 13.Z1 - 16.Z1 - 20.Z1: 400.3.50+N +48VDC
The double power supply system, network + UPS (+230V / +48VDC), is conceived to grant working continuity even during black-out periods.