COOLSIDE BOX is a split system consisting of an outdoor motocondensing unit equipped with inverter driven variable speed compressor and of an indoor evaporating unit supplied together with the server-rack designed to house electronic equipment.

COOLSIDE BOX is a "close-loop" system (direct cooling system) where the air conditioned directly flows into the server-rack.

COOLSIDE BOX is able to dissipate thermal load from 2 up to 22kW; the modularity of the system together with the logic of adaptive microprocessor control, make this new RCGroup system the best solution for cooling electronic equipment of new generation, characterized by high heat density. These features, together with RCGroup quality and reliability construction, make COOLSIDE BOX the system ideal for conditioning of telephone exchanges, data banks, internet hotels, server farms and all electronic architectures with high heat density.


Size DX 010 Cooling Capacity 4.5 - 11.1 kW

Size DX 020 Cooling Capacity 10.0 - 22.5 kW

Direct expansion split system evaporating unit matched with air cooled condensing unit

Main Components Indoor Unit

  • 19" (482.6mm) standard rack - 42U
  • Busbar to power supply distribution
  • Additional side rack for air conditioning equipment
  • Hinged front & rear panels
  • Modular enclosure
  • RAL 7035
  • EC type plug fans
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • R410A refrigerant charge
  • Refrigerant connections from below
  • Condensate removal system
  • Clogged filter alarm
  • Air flow loss alarm
  • Microprocessor control
  • Easily accesible electric panel
  • Double power supply

Main Components Outdoor Unit

  • Compressor with EC type brushless motor controlled by inverter
  • EC type axial fans with brushless motor
  • Microprocessor control

Optional Accessories

  • Water presence alarm
  • Serial port
  • Low ambient temperature system