AKCP distributor, Raien Argentina worked together with INVAP to install a remote broadcast tower monitoring solution for digital TV broadcasting stations across Argentina.

INVAP are a high tech engineering company based in Argentina with projects such as the construction of Nuclear Reactors in Chile, Australia, Algeria and Egypt. They have also been involved in government radar installations, space satellite programs and alternative energy generation. In this project INVAP were tasked with providing the systems integration services to build the shelters to be delivered to each broadcasting tower. The shelters were each assembled and wired in an aircraft hanger and then delivered to sites and craned into position, then connected to the wireless infrastructure towers.

AKCP provided the remote monitoring solution that is installed at each of the broadcasting shelters. By deploying securityProbe5ES base units together with E-Sensor8 expansion modules, IO Digital8 controllers and E-Opto16 dry contacts together with a range of sensors the operation and safety of the equipment was ensured. Temperature and humidity sensors were utilized to monitor environmental conditions within the shelters. Sensor controlled relays managed the switching on and off of cooling equipment and other broadcasting equipment as and when needed. The total project covered more than 300 sites across the country during the first phase with future expansion of 1,000 broadcasting towers.


INVAP selected the AKCP monitoring solution for its robustness and reliability, as well as AKCP's excellent after sales support service. Any problems or questions during installation were swiftly dealt with. During the implementation of the project AKCP also released an improved base unit, the securityProbe5ES, which replaced the securityProbe5E, and upgraded the already installed sites free of charge so all sites were on the latest hardware. AKCP as the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP based environmental monitoring solutions have a strong engineering team that were able to meet the challenges involved with monitoring of remote sites and wireless infrastructure monitoring. The modular design of AKCP's hardware and software allowed INVAP to deploy the systems in phases across regional areas with the same setup and configuration at each site.

AKCP worked closely with their Argentinian distributor Raien who provided on site technical support and assistance to INVAP and liaised with AKCP engineers to solve any problems and also introduced some customizations to the product as requested by INVAP. 

Lockheed Martin Trusts AKCP

When Lockheed Martin needed an advanced environmental monitoring solution for their fuel monitoring they relied on AKCP.

A crucial aspect of the integration process was proper communication with their current WhatsUp Gold monitoring system. AKCP allows you to upload our MIB file, which has all of our OID’s for the sensors, into the WhatsUp Gold software.

“We chose your product after doing a trade study to replace our current fuel monitor.” said Jim from Lockheed Martin in regards to their choice of AKCP solutions.  

“We wanted the chosen product to integrate with a BACNet system or SNMP for WhatsUp Gold for monitoring capability. The BACNet approach was more complex and costly and our engineers prefer to use SNMP capable solutions when possible.”

Initially they installed the SPAGENT-MIB in WhatsUp Gold and created the device for the securityProbe 5ES. They were able to ping and scan the device, however they could not use MIB walker to walk the device. They immediately contacted AKCP to take advantage of their unlimited support.

The problem was with the WhatsUp Gold set up. It was interpreting the dot notation string as the OID. When they finally realized part of that string was the instance, everything clicked into place for the WUG configuration.     

Shortly thereafter Lockheed Martin told AKCP Support Manger Scott Farnum.

“We were surprised by how easy the fuel monitor was to set up. I had several questions regarding the SNMP configuration and integration with WhatsUp Gold and give my thanks for your excellent Tech Support.“