google-datacenter-tech-01-820x420.jpgProject: Smart DC, cooling of a datacenter

Data centers deliver their services day and night, which means that the cooling technology used must be available  at all times.However, as a provider that attaches great importance to sustainability, SmartDC wanted to achieve more.

The Air@Work cooling system design, with StatiqCooling Inside was a perfect fit with that objective, says Richard Boogaard,
SmartDC's managing director. “We are very happy with the performance of this cooling concept. Not only because the cooling
system is always available, but also because the solution is both very energy efficient and environmental friendly.
Air@Work offers us substantial advantages, our experiences with this cooling concept are positive. So good in fact, that
we will apply it to the all parts of our Datacenters”

SmartDC improved its reliability and profits by the installation of
air cooling based on the StatiqCooler:
• Very high reliability due to the simplicity of the design
• Low operational cost for energy and maintenance
• Very low impact on the environment