Oil Leak Detection Project with FG-OD Cables in Singapore


Since the launching of the new Oil Detection sense cable FG-OD, TTK worldwide teams are engaged in various projects. As an example, TTK Singapore has achieved a local project with FG-OD Sense Cables.

  • Client: Singapore’s National Water Agency
  • Project Location: Singapore
  • Project Environment: Outdoor, underground, pipe-in-pipe installation. Total pipe length about 400 meters.
  • Installed System: 1 x FG-NET Digital Unit, 28 x FG-OD12 Sense Cables.
  • Project Status: Installation completed and final testing achieved in May 2014.
  • Project Description: The oil leak detection in this project is for the generator feeding pipes. The tanks are stored away from generators for various reasons. These feeder pipes have inner core of steel pipe and outer core of PVC. The FG-OD sense cable is laid inside the annular space betweeen the two pipes, to allow a detection of any diesel or fuel leak at very early stage.
  • TTK Added Value: After the required clarifications on the technical aspect with the client, consultant and contractors, TTK Singapore has provided the full customized solution from design to the installation and the final testing on this project.



1. Buried feeding pipe during installation.

2 & 3. Installation of the cables.

4. The FG-NET Digital Unit under testing of the installed system.