Adiabatic Cooling- StatiqAir


About Air@Work

Air@Work is a designer and manufacturer of ultra-reliable precision cooling systems for datacenters. The cooling technology of Air@Work is based on controlled indirect free cooling with outside air in combination with indirect evaporation cooling. Air@Work is a unique concept enabling a PUE cooling lower than 1,05 which makes the systems world class in energy saving andenvironmental protection. In comparison with conventional cooling techniques Air@Work can save up till 90% of energy and maintenance costs for cooling your datacenter.

How does it work?

The system consists of two separated airstreams. One is recirculating in the datacenter and the other airflow is outside air. During colder periods the internal airstream is cooled by the cold outside air stream in the plate heat exchanger. During the warmer periods of the year the internal airstream is cooled by the outside airstream and water evaporation. The unique Statiqcooler heat exchanger does not mix the outside air with the internal airstream. 


The StatiqCooler can be used in several configurations:



As a stand alone cooling and ventilation system in new buildings or as a replacement for redundant conventional air conditioning systems.

Cooling the building by bringing cool air in and forcing warm air out:                                    


As a pre-cooler for the ventilation air in combination with a conventional air conditioning system that circulates air in the building                                                          



In combination with a heat recovery unit for winter use:


For more information visit the Statiqcooling website, or call UAP Cooling for a presentation and product demonstration using our fully working scale model.

  • Energy efficient - can save up to 80% on electricity use compared with DX-systems
  • Environmentally friendly - due to the use of water as a refrigerant 
  • Comfortable - by combining permanent ventilation with cooled air that is not humidified or de-humidified 
  • Cost saving - the StatiqCooler needs minimal maintenance as it has no moving parts.