Adiabatic cooling Refrion

Refrions brand new adiabatic system provides a more efficient alternative to traditional vaporising air- cooling systems. Special cardboard pads are located at the air inlets and connected to the hydraulic system, whereby the air is cooled by evaporation when crossing the pad, and virtually complete humiditiy saturation is acheived. Thanks to this highly effective and reliable method the thermodynamic temperature of the air inlet is reduced by over 8 degrees celcius. Furthermore energy consumption is optimised by using EC- type fans and particularly by reducing the amount of water needed for the process through the Intelliboards PLC mounted on the side of the device. To achieve its air- cooling function the system exploits thye maximum airflow. Only if the cooling is not sufficient does the Intelliboards PLC let the water flow thus humidfying the honycomb cardboard pads. As soon as the temperature is lowered the fans slow down and subsequently the water flow stops. The fans revolution rate therefore starts to increase again and the cycle is repeated again as needed to maintain the desired temperature. 

As these products are Legionella Safe they do not require registration with government as is required in some states.


Adiabatic temperature saturation is a thermodynamic property of humid air. It represents the temperature that can be achieved by air when it reaches the saturation condition through an adiabatic transformation.The adiabatic saturation temperature lowers - since evaporating water removes heat – though it is still higher than the dew temperature, as evaporation itself raises the partial pressure of water vapour. 


  • The unit can be sized according to an air inlet design temperature that is much lower than the ambient         temperature (TCALC << TAMB) (see example).
  • A smaller sized unit, with a smaller heat exchanger surface can be selected.
  • The unit can be used to cool the liquid to a temperature lower than the ambient temperature.
  • The Industrial Adiabatic System combined with “EC” electronic switching fans, an “Intelliboard” PLC or with a Speed controller, lowers energy consumption, Sound Emission Levels and optimises water use.
  • No risk of legionella contamination.



Special panels made of corrugated cellulose sheets are placed in front of the heat exchangers and downstream of the air flow.
The panels are soaked evenly and entirely by a special distribution system. The air that passes through the panels is humidified and cooled, depending on the different operating conditions.
Thanks to this extremely efficient and reliable system, the inlet air temperature can be reduced by more than 8°K. 




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  • “PADS” panel used to distribute water over the unit air intake.
  • Mounted and wired electrical switchboard; a speed controller installed inside the unit (R, I, U, D) regulates the adiabatic system.
  • System drainage electrovalves.
  • Safety thermostat for the system drainage during cold months.
  • Pressure reducer to regulate the necessary pressure and valves for exhaust air regulation.
  • Multilayer UV-resistant tubes.
  • Humidity probe for ambient humidity control.