Unico Turbo Fl machines, with their low environmental impact, can contribute to the savings needed to meet the requirements of Kyoto Protocol and limit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Their typical TEWI (Total Environment Warming Impact) is one of the lowest in the industry and indeed, CO2 emissions for Unico Turbo Fl machines are up to 30% lower than the emissions of standard units.


The UNICO Turbo FL liquid chillers are equipped with two-stage centrifugal compressor with variable speed, which is able to follow punctually plant demands, obtaining values of energy efficiency ratio (EER) growing in a narrowing of the cooling load. The compressors of the UNICO TURBO FL liquid chillers are equipped with magnetic levitation oil free bearings which compared to traditional ball bearings, completely eliminate all the maintenance procedures of lubrication.


The compressor driven by an inverter varies the load continuously and the regulation of the refrigerant circuit can be easily adapted, without oscillations and transients, the operating conditions required. The system is highly efficient since it is supplying the energy necessary to satisfy the required thermal load only; furthermore it is possible to supply thermal or cooling energy even in case of overload conditions of the system. The working range of Unico Turbo FL, in comparison to the nominal values of cooling and thermal capacity output, varies on average from 20% to 110%.


The FRIGO TURBO FL liquid chillers are equipped with flooded evaporator, where the refrigerant in the evaporation phase is outside of the tube bundle. This heat exchange solution allows to obtain a greater energy efficiency of the system because it reduces the differential between the refrigerant expansion temperature and the liquid cooled temperature. Moreover the circulation of the liquid inside the tubes of the heat exchanger can be varied considerably in relation to the cooling load, reducing the energy engaged by the pumping system.


The micro-channel condensing coils are the ideal choice for operation with refrigerant pressures up-to 45 bar and they are optimise on the liquid  chillers of the Unico Turbo FL series with HFC R134a refrigerant charge. The micro-channel condensing coils are in aluminium and they are perfectly suitable for the civil and industrial applications cooling, while the protection function of the oxide layer allows an optimum resistance to corrosion also in case of aggressive ambient conditions. The optional version with special protective surface treatment - acrylic painting TK Pro - allows to obtain a high resistance to salt spray while maintaining the same conditions of heat exchange capacity. The use of aluminium for the micro-channel condensers manufacture is able to offer the possibility for very light machinery: the coil weight is only 50% compared to traditional copper pipes and aluminium fins of the same capacity. . The reduced air resistance of the micro-channel coils allows to drastically reduce the fans motors electric energy consumption. At the same performances conditions, the micro-channels condensers require up-to less than 75% refrigerant when compared to the traditional heat exchangers.


The axial fans of the condensing section are driven by EC type brushless electric motors ensuring performances higher than 85%, minimum energy
consumption and total absence of electromagnetic noise.


Frigo Turbo Fl machines are also extremely quiet. This promotes their use in noise sensitive locations such as old city centres, hotels, offices and
residential buildings.

Main Components

  • Housing and base in epoxy painted galvanized steel sheet RAL 9002
  • Two stage oil free centrifugal compressors with magnetic levitation bearings
  • Flooded shell and tube evaporator
  • Axial fans directly coupled to EC type brushless electric motor
  • Microchannel type aluminium condensing coil
  • Microprocessor control with touch screen display
  • Electrical box with main switch and door lock safety,

Main Optional Accessories

  • In line type water pumps with the possibility of water flow control by inverter
  • LNO kit for noise reduction
  • Double refrigerant circuit
  • Chilled water safety flow switch
  • Protective treatment of the condenser coils for installation in aggressive environments