Dry Coolers

The optimized “V-type” design provides large capacity with compact size. Innovative heat exchanger design combines an excellent heat transfer with minimized refrigerant charge, thanks to the new fin corrugation developed by Alfa Laval combined with advanced cross-fin tubes. Double connections provide the possibility of two completely independently operating heat exchangers.  

Alfa-V dry coolers may be used in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications such as water/glycol cooling or free cooling, in industrial applications such as cooling of water and other liquids, or for food, power, process and general industry.

• Heavy duty design with high corrosion resistance 
• Reduced liquid charge
• Favourable capacity/footprint ratio
• Available with easily cleanable industrial power fins
• Excellent sound characteristics, suitable for residential 
• Reliable performance, Eurovent certified
• Easy installation & maintenance. 
• Energy efficient - low total cost of ownership

Industrial dry cooler range in V-shape design. Capacities 54 to 1,600 kW.