The FBL fan cooler unit is an air-cooled heat exchanger that provides cost-effective auxiliary cooling of water or synthetic
oils that circulate in a closed loop in power generation plants, pulp and paper plants and steel mills.
Design – key features and benefits. The heat transfer area of the FBL fan cooler consists of a
finned coil, featuring large numbers of corrugated aluminium plates and copper or stainless steel tubes mounted transversely.

These plates serve as both heat transfer fins and to hold the circulation tubes securely in position.
The tubes are expanded in order to provide a tight seal with the fins, and therefore ensure effective heat transfer and rigidity of the coil. Compared with traditional finned tubes, this design makes these units light in weight, compact and cost-effective in operation.

The fans are direct-driven by IEC international standard motors as standard, but other project-specific motor configurations are also available. Frequency converters are one way to control the exact cooling
capacity. Another very efficient way of ensuring full control of FBL fan cooler
Auxiliary closed-loop cooling for industrial processes FBL fan cooler typical installation including steal structure, ladder and handrails the cooling capacity in bigger installations with a large number of fan motors is with step control, switching some or all of the fans on and off, based on the cooling requirements at anygiven time.

Air cooled radiators FBLG have been designed for heavy industrial cooling applications for cooling of various process liquids, even in the most extreme conditions. Dual coil models are available for simultaneous cooling of LT/HT engine circuits. Applications include: diesel and gas engine cooling, turbine cooling, oil cooling and various processes (transformers, air compressors, etc.)

  • Suitable for all liquids that do not corrode copper
  • Capacities: customer specification

Header material                                                                                       Copper or stainless steel 304 or 316L
Tubular or openable type                                                                        Fin spacing
2.3–4 mm                                                                                                 Fin coating
Blygold, F-coat, Heresite                                                                         Casing
Hot-dip galvanized, aluzinc and zinc coated                                          Fan and electrical components
Number of fans Maximum 7                                                                    Fan material Glass-reinforced polyamide (PAG) or aluminium
Fan balancing in accordance with ISO1940
Fan sizes1.2 m and 2 m
Fan motorsBuilt to IEC or special standards (NEMA, explosion-proof,nuclear standard, etc.)
Motor options include anti-condensation heaters, vibration sensors, PTC and klixon thermistors.
Electrical control and options                                                                 Terminal/junction box
Motor protective switch panel                                                                Step control
Frequency control                                                                                 Standard connections
Flanges EN 1092 or ANSI B16.5                                                           PN10, PN16 or 150 lbs, higher on request
Size DN65 (2.5 inches) to DN125 (5 inches)