Water Leak Detection

TTK Liquid Leak Detection Systems for water

UAP Cooling is the official distributor of TTK Leak Detection products. TTK Company was founded in France, in 1989 and is the product of choice for multinational companies around the world. TTK develops, manufactures and sells Digital Liquid Leak Detection Systems, based on a range of Digital Sensing Cables, digital Units and accessories.

When it comes to minimizing business interruptions, few companies give much thought to water as a culprit. In reality, according to one study, water damage ranked second behind power outage as the leading causes of business outage, accounting for 27% of the causes. In addition, anecdotal evidence suggests that there may be insurance cost savings, both immediate and long term, from an investment in water leak detection technologies.

The technical solutions are based on a range of high level interface sensing cables, digital interface units and accessories. The presence of a liquid on a sensing cable registers as a leak and produces an alarm at the digital unit.

Any detection of a liquid in the protected area will be located quickly within a metre, with the name of the area concerned showing on the digital central unit. This information can also be displayed on the building BMS. The quality of the sensing cable manufactured allows effective protection against liquid leaks, such as water-based liquids, Acids, Hydrocarbons or Solvents.

Examples of such technical environments are:


  • Computer rooms
  • Telecom switch rooms
  • Laboratories, clean rooms
  • Raised floors, offices